Our Lessons

nature-based learning

Why us

the best early learning experience

Wild Desert Kids offers nature-inspired learning through everyday experiences & exploration of art, music, and literature.

We are a homeschool co-op, a nature group, or we like to think of us as a forest school in the desert.

Our lessons are parent-child centered, using a combination of various unit studies including Beautiful Roots Education, our expertise, and local businesses to share the impact nature and the outdoors can have on our every day lives.

Weekly In-Person Meetups

Wild Minis & Walkers, Wild Babes, Wild Littles, & Wild Explorers meet weekly for our in-person programs, centered around a nature-focused lesson. Meetups are 1 hour to 2 hours long depending on age and are hosted at a outdoor locations near Henderson & Summerlin.

Literature & Art Focused

Each lesson is includes song, a story or poem, and a craft that complements the topic we are currently learning and exploring using items from nature and age-appropriate materials. Our walking group does not include all of the above.

Parent-Child Centered

Our in-person programs are parent-child groups. We encourage a strong and healthy relationship between parent and child and our programs are family-oriented to provide you with moments you'll always cherish.

Research shows us that many of the fundamental tasks that children must achieve, such as, exploring, risk-taking, fine and gross motor development and the absorption of vast amounts of basic knowledge, can be most effectively learned though outdoor play.
Edgar L & Rheta A. Berkley
All Ages

wild minis & walkers

Nature walking group for all ages with a focus on 0-5. This is a group for families who have a mini at home and are looking to get out of the house, meet other parents, and wanting to instill healthy habits for your kiddos at a young age to prepare them for one of our other meetup groups. Suggested donation for Wild Minis & Walkers includes up to 5 individuals in your immediate household - adults & kids.

Put the babies in the stroller, babywear, and/or bring a bike/scooter for the older kids. We start with our walk and end with story time and play.

Ages 18 months - 3 years

wild babes

Small group learning for ages 18 months to 3 years. This includes a parent-child weekly meetup with nature-focused lesson. Hands on fun, movement, and music!

Ages 3-5 years

wild littles

Hands-on learning program for ages 3 to 5 years hosted outdoors. This includes a parent-child weekly meetup and monthly field trip with a nature-focused lesson.

Ages 5 - 6 years

wild explorers

Hands-on learning program for ages 5 to 5 years hosted both indoors and outdoors. This includes a parent-child weekly meetup and monthly field trip.6

All Ages

muddy buddies

HYBRID meetup group for all ages, (geared towards 15mths - 5 yrs) hosted outdoors. This includes a parent-child bi-weekly meetup starting with a walk to move our bodies, music, story time, and then muddy buddy play time through nature.

Be prepared to get a little dirty as we encourage families to explore the outdoors.