frequently asked questions

For the safety of our families, we do not disclose the exact location of our meetups unless you are fully enrolled, however, the majority of the locations we are meeting at are near or around Henderson area. Our Las Vegas group will be meeting near or around Summerlin area.

Please note that sharing of our locations or geotagging on social media will be immediate removal from our group.

We recommend to stick with the group that fits your child’s exact age. The only reason to move up in an age group is if your child is within 1-2 months of reaching that age group. 

Our groups are designed with developmental stages in mind.

Wild Minis & Walkers (All Ages)

Wild Babes (18mths – 3 years) is more play and sensory focused.

Wild Littles (3-5 years) is has a bit more structure with lessons/activities.

Wild Explorers (5-6 years) is our Kinder Prep group offering.

Muddy Buddies (All Ages) is geared towards 15mths – 5 years and is focused on outdoor dirt sensory and play.

At this time, we do not allow siblings so that parent(s) can focus on 1:1 time with their enrolled child for our age specific groups.

For both of those we only allow siblings that are the same age or under the age of one (and must be able to  stay in a stroller, baby wear, or pack and play.

Our Wild Minis & Walkers group or Muddy Buddies group would be a good fit for the whole family if you have children with varying ages and are unable to do a 1:1 group.

Monthly field trips and guest speakers are offered to our Wild Littles and Wild Explorers groups, but they are open for all Wild Desert Kids families to attend. 

We will get to explore different spots around our area that are focused on nature, agriculture, farming, and being outdoors. Our field trips are sibling friendly for all ages so the entire family can come and enjoy.

Some field trips we have done in the past include:

  • Springs Preserve
  • Fire Station
  • Vegas Bees Workshop
  • Horses4Heroes
  • Flower Workshop by local florist
  • Concierge Pelvic Floor Therapist
  • Estes Farms
  • Gilcrease Orchard

Suggested donations listed on our website is the total requested donation per child for the entire session. This covers materials and supplies needed as well as any community service,  session parties, rental fees, etc.

For example, our 16 week session for Wild Minis & Walkers comes out to just over $7 donation per week.

Field trips are not included in donation cost (in order to keep cost as minimal as possible). However, our field trips will range from $0/person -$15/person and are open for the entire family to attend. Every session will have different field trips based on theme, so cost will fluctuate.

Yes, of course! We just recommend whoever the caregiver is that they are consistent with showing up each week and if mom and/or dad can join in one week, even better!

We are a parent-child centered group and we want you to be involved as much as possible.