created to empower parents to explore with their children

how it started

Wild Desert Kids has been years in the making without even realizing it.

About a decade ago, I was nannying for a family who I spent multiple years with, in addition to working for Early Childhood Head Start in Reno, NV.

Fast forward to 2018, when I cofounded Nevada Moms, the #1 Family Guide to Nevada. With its growing success, we moved our family down to Henderson in 2020, expanded Nevada Moms to Southern Nevada and focused on growing our own family.

After a successful IVF cycle in 2022, my son was born! Having him re-lit that fire in me, especially as I began doing my own research on the education system here in Nevada.

Being born and raised in Henderson, I knew there was a need. Most of the programs or meetup groups are located in Northwest Las Vegas, focused on park playdates, or do not incorporate a nature-inspired curriculum for families interested in homeschooling or unschooling.

I’m here to change that with Wild Desert Kids, a nature-inspired forest school in the desert for families located in Henderson, NV.


We welcome all families who are interested in providing their children with an early education approach centered around nature.


Our programs are designed to encourage discussion, questioning, and exploration during each lesson through open-ended play.


We know how important time is to our families. We hope that our program allows you to embrace every moment with this 1:1 time.


Each program is designed to be small-group focused so that families can grow with one another through life and through each group.

wild desert kids

our mission

Welcome to Wild Desert Kids, where learning takes root in the heart of nature. Our mission is to provide children with the space and freedom to explore the world around them, fostering a deep connection to their natural environment.

Our program is designed to cater to all children, recognizing their innate affinity for the outdoors. Here, they not only flourish amidst natural settings but also discover a profound sense of self and introspection through their interactions with nature.

We are dedicated to enriching your children’s learning journey, nurturing their confidence for future educational pursuits. We firmly believe that parents and caregivers are the foremost educators, equipped with the tools to offer optimal and memorable learning experiences.

Through an immersive hands-on approach, children will delve into nature-based subjects through literature, music, movement, and engaging sensory play with their peers. This holistic approach not only enhances their gross and fine motor skills but also fosters comprehension and critical thinking. It covers fundamental aspects such as language development, color recognition, and the refinement of fine and gross motor skills.

So, what does “nature-based” mean? Our activities revolve around utilizing natural materials that are readily available. We strive for authentic and meaningful learning experiences that can be recreated at minimal to no cost. Whether it’s using leaves and sticks to craft unique art projects or harnessing natural elements to teach concepts like counting, colors, sorting, and patterns, the possibilities are boundless.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us in this season of growth and exploration. We are eager to share the enriching experiences that await you and your children.


miss leanna

Miss Leanna is an IVF mama and a seasoned entrepreneur. Born and raised in Henderson & Las Vegas, her strong ties to family and community have fueled her commitment to nurturing children’s exploration of their environment, particularly the outdoors.

Boasting over a decade of experience in childcare centers, a career as a nanny, and the establishment of Nevada Moms, it’s no surprise that Leanna has embarked on yet another venture centered around the crucial early years of child development.

Driven by her passion for this pivotal growth phase, Miss Leanna believes in nurturing children’s innate curiosity through hands-on exploration of their environment and everyday encounters. 

The launch of Wild Desert Kids in Fall 2023 showcases her genuine excitement about inspiring families to dive into outdoor exploration and learning adventures together.

Connect with me on social media or IRL @mrsleannacarson on Instagram.

leanna carson wild desert kids
jen barrone wild desert kids teachers
Group Lead

mrs. jen

Mrs. Jen, our Wild Littles lead, brings a vibrant mix of experiences and passions to Wild Desert Kids. 

Originally from Canada, where she honed her teaching skills as a kindergarten teacher and small business owner, Jen found her happily ever after in Nevada in 2017, marrying the love she met on vacation in Ireland.

Deeply connected to nature and the animal kingdom, she holds a special passion for igniting curiosity and wonder in young minds.

Currently homeschooling her two lively girls, Aspen (3) and Quinn (1), Jen is eager to share her love for learning with the Wild Desert Kids community, where her warmth, knowledge, and enthusiasm will undoubtedly blossom.

Group Lead

miss tay

Miss Tay, our Muddy Buddies group lead, has a vast experience of working with children. From diverse groups and playful activities to vibrant summer camp programs, she has nurtured young minds in countless settings. 

Since welcoming her own little one into the world, Tay’s passion for year-round outdoor play and early childhood development has blossomed. 

When she’s not inspiring wonder in the classroom or cuddling her own sprout, Tay cherishes quality time with her family, exploring new paths on scenic walks, and embracing the thrill of discovery. A true advocate for holistic well-being, she prioritizes her physical, mental, and emotional health with unwavering dedication. 

Tay joins the Wild Desert Kids team with infectious enthusiasm, eager to empower families and build confidence one muddy adventure at a time.

atayjah brown wild desert kids
miss alex bon wild desert kids
Group Lead

miss alex

Miss Alex brings a wealth of experience to her role. With over 18 years as a former Early Childhood Educator prior to becoming a mother herself, her dedication to fostering early development is truly evident. 

With a comprehensive history spanning both Developmental and Academic education, she thrives on witnessing and facilitating the achievements and milestones of young learners. 

Beyond her teaching expertise, Miss Alex was a professional Polynesian dancer and taught Hawaiian dance for numerous years.

Joining Wild Desert Kids is a source of excitement for Alex, allowing her to once again share her instructional talents in an enriching environment.

Miss Alex is currently on maternity leave as she welcomes baby #2 this spring.

education flourishes when nature becomes the ultimate mentor.